Cambria Surf, by Paul Roark

Cambria is a wonderful little town along the California Central Coast. In fact, it marks the half-way point between Los Angeles and San Francisco. In my view Cambria marks the southern end of what I consider the greater "Big Sur" coastline that abuts Highway 1 from Cambria to Point Lobos, just south of Carmel. As with most of the Central Coast, there are a number of beaches near Cambria that make great photographic subjects.

This image was captured with the Rollei SL66 and Zeiss 150mm Sonnar lens. The ability of that outfit to tilt the lens to keep everything in focus was relatively unique among medium format cameras. That and other aspects of the Rollei SL66 resulted in it being featured on the front cover of the 1970 Time/Life book on cameras. The soft water effect is caused by having the camera shutter open for 1/4 second.

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