"The Grand Teton"
by Paul Roark

The Grand Teton was recorded on medium format Technical Pan film using a Bronica RF 645 camera. While the Rollei SL66 had been my main outfit for some years, I found the advantages of the Bronica rangefinder's relatively symmetrical wide angle lens and the camera's ability to hold Tech Pan flat outweighed the tilt that made the Rollei SL66 so unique.

Kodak's Technical Pan film was probably the finest grain film ever made that could be used for landscape photography. The medium format Tech Pan image is rather grain free even at 22 by 28 inches.

I had found a few good viewing locations of the Grand Tetons earlier in the day, but the light was not that interesting. So, I kept an eye on the light and, as my family finished dinner in Jackson Hole, I excused myself and drove back to the spots I thought were the most interesting.

A copy of this image sold at auction at Anderson Ranch Arts Center for $2400.

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