"Granite Park"
Paul Roark

Granite Park is a wonderful high basin just east of Italy Pass in the John Muir Wilderness. The rim of the basin is ringed by some nicely shaped crags. On this trip we caught the moon and clouds putting on a show over the basin.

Our campsite was at 11,500 feet in elevation and very close to some shallow, crystal clear pools of water. These pools get warm enough for comfortable swimming. The easiest access to the area is the Pine Creek trail just north of Bishop. Honeymoon Lake is the place to stay if you like trees and a lower elevation.

The Granite Park photograph was taken on my first trip into the High Sierras after buying a Rollei SL66 camera in 1981. As such, the photo has special meaning to me. I used the Zeiss 150 mm Sonnar lens to capture the image. I at one time did a lot of lens testing using resolution charts/targets; this is the only lens I tested that hit 100 lp/mm on the film wide open (f/4).

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