Kauai Color, May 2016

This is a collection of (mostly) color images by me from a trip to Kauai to attend my daughter's wedding.

Most shots are from Kauai, first the north shore, including a number from the Anini Beach area. We then went to the south end of Kauai and finally to Honolulu for a short time.

Click on the small images to see the larger ones. Be sure to click on the magnifier when viewing the large images to see more of the detail. For very large prints, contact me at roark.paul@gmail.com.

The shots are arranged (mostly) in the order in which they were taken. The numbers at the end of the file name are the camera's.

Kauai North Shore

St. Regis Sunset-929. This was the arrival reception for most, and a great way to start.

St. Regis Sunset-B&W version-929. When not next to color, it's much more interesting.

Sunset-St. Regis-pan-924-28. This shows the wider view. The ones above are with a 135mm telephoto.

Queens Bath Trail_1008-11

Queens Bath rapids-1012-16. This is a B&W, large file that will print very large.


Tree Trunks, Sunset, Anini Beach-1131-4

Sunset, Anini Beach_1138

Sunset, Anini Beach-1143-6

Sunset, Anini Beach_1150

Sunset, Anini Beach_1165

Sunset, Anini Beach_1180


Kilauea Pt. Lighthouse_1194

Kauai South Shore

Turtle at Poipu Beach_1207-8

Poipu Sunset_1209

Waimea Cyn. Red Dirt & Small falls-1223-9

Waimea Cyn, 1264-7

Heritage Trail_1295-1301

Heritage Trail, fishing-1304

Blow Hole, Poipu-1360

Honolulu, Oahu

Waikiki Beach & Diamond Head_1398

Path through the Banyan tree _1418-21-GS-W1