Images from Paris, Amsterdam, and Rhine Cruise, 2023

by Paul Roark

Arc de Triomphe, Paris

(Note that these image files are good enough for reasonable, home-printed copies.
For large prints, contact me or work through Gallery Los Olivos.
For viewing, I recommend not having the computer page set to "full screen."
Go to "partial screen" viewing and adjust the width to get the vertical images to fit.)

Paris panorama from the Pompidou

Musee Orsay marble

"Help I'm a Rock" (My informal name)

Musee Orsay

Sculpture of Yayoi Kusama in Paris, 2023


Houseboats, Amsterdam

Tulips - at the Van Gogh Museum

Amsterdam canals and bikes

Dutch Windmill

Kinderdijk Windmills

Black Forest Village

Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral inside

Storks nest

Water Wheel in the Black Forest

Rhine Shipping

Museum Tinguely, Switzerland

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