Santa Ynez Valley Skies


Paul Roark

"Jupiter and Saturn over the Santa Inez Mission, 12-21-2020"

"Clouds, Moons, Jupiter"

In March 2016 Jupiter was just above the moon.

Those who inspect a large print closely will see 3 moons of Jupiter.
(See Jupiter and 3 of its moons .)

(For those interested in what today's technology can capture hand held,
see the moon on 3/21/2016 .)

The much anticipated El Nino arrives in January 2016

And it was not a very impressive season in 2016.

A dying but still awesome Hurrican Dolores visited the Santa Ynez Valley in July 2015.

Vandenberg Atlas V Launch, December 5, 2013

"Approaching Storm"

"Approaching Storm January 13, 2023 "



These are some of the things we see from our back yard.
"Clouds, Moons, Jupiter" was the first use of a Leica M 135mm lens on the Sony a7rii.
El Nino 1-2016 was taken with a Sony a7rii and the Leica WATE at 16mm.
"Dolores" was stitched from a few 16 mm shots with the Leica WATE on a Sony a7r.
The Vandenberg launch was taken with a Leica M9 and Zeiss 21mm Biogon lens, wide open.
"Approaching Storm" is a stitched 180 degree panorama taken oringinally with a Leica M9 and 18mm lens.
"Sunburst" was taken with a Bronica RF 645, 45mm lens, and Technical Pan film.

(c) Paul Roark 2012