Sierra Wave, by Paul Roark

Often when a relatively moist wind from the west hits the Sierras a long cloud will form over the crest. Usually seen from the Owens Valley, it looks like a wave over the Sierras. From the high country looking up, it may look less like a wave, but it is none-the-less dramatic.

This shot was taken from our campsite just above the northeast end of Thousand Island Lake in the Ansel Adams Wilderness. This area is a good day's hike from Red's Meadow, out of Mammoth Lakes, California.

On this backpack trip I experimented with using a Rollei twin lens reflex to reduce the total weight that I'd have to pack in. I was so impressed with the old 3.5 F Xenotar that I later bought the current model, the Rolleiflex GX. For the ultimate in light weight, medium format, tripod mounted photography, it's hard to beat the classic twin lens Rollei design and quality.

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