The Golden Trout Workshops Gallery

by Paul Roark

Golden Trout Camp

"Golden Trout" Workshops

The Golden Trout Natural History Workshop, Inc. is a non-profit, educational organization [501(c)(3)] that, each Summer, conducted workshops at the historic Golden Trout Camp until 2018. The workshops include one-week sessions that are oriented toward different aspects of natural history and/or photography.

I regularly work with the Golden Trout ("GT") workshop organization as a volunteer to help arrange the workshops and, for the occassional photography workshops, I also acted as a workshop leader. This web page has some of the photos I've taken while participating at these workshops.

Although the Golden Trout Camp is no longer available, for the summer of 2019 we are holding a workshop at the University of California's Crooked Creek facility near the top of the White Mountains. This workhop will have a number of naturalists with specialties in different fields. In addition to that I will be there participating in the natural history functions as well as doing my usual photography.

The photographs below were taken in and around the Golden Trout Camp. While I print only B&W professionally, I also take color snapshots, a few of which are also shown.

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The Big Dipper

Lakes 4 & 5

Sunrise at Lake 5

Foxtail Pines & Cirque Peak

Weather above GTC

High Lake

New Army Pass

South slope of Cirque Peak

Foxtail Pines at Windy Gap

Dawn, Golden Trout Camp

East Face, Mt. Langley

Cottonwood Basin Flora

Lake 5.9, Cottonwood Lakes Basin

Sunset at Golden Trout Camp

Foxtail and Clouds, Cottonwood Lakes Basin

Lichens on Wooly Back

Roy Harrington and Greg Byers set up during the 2006 photo workshop.

A 2010 photo workshop participant sets up to take a digital panorama of the Cottonwood basin from above camp.

For those who like black and white photography, please visit my Black and White Gallery.
Much of the photography I've done is in the John Muir and Ansel Adams Wilderness areas,
but other favorite areas of the western U.S. are also represented.

Hope to see you at one of our workshops.

Paul Roark